Children’s party

Are you a young professional parent and your life is full of work and more? No time to organize a children’s party for your son or daughter? Fed up with all those screaming children in your house? With my children’s parties out in the dunes your children will be able to explore new situations and experience new things they mostly never did before. And I will make you enjoy your child again! Let’s make a party what it really should be: a joyful event for you ánd your child!

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Children’s party in the dunes: all children love to go on an exciting hike outside in the dunes with their friends!
There is always something to see or to explore. Let them experience what they can do in nature! For example my hike with GPS, the knightly quest, exploring bunkers in the Amsterdam Watersupply Dunes, dropping with GPS, party on the beach, a hike in the dark, eating from the wild and a lot more. Also for adolescents! The possibilities are endless. And while they play, they learn that spiders do not bite, that deer won’t attack, that not all fungi are toxic, that a wood in the dark is scary but not dangerous, and a lot more! Often I get as feed back from children that this was ‘the coolest party ever’! Cool, instructive and boudary breaking. And as parent you do’nt need to organize much, ideal when you are busy! And no, it is NOT dangerous outside, if you only apply some basic precautions. Download here my FREE ADVICE for visiting the dunes safely (TIPS om veilig de duinen in te gaan; in Dutch only) and a flyer where you can find all about ticks: Teken en Lyme Folder RIVM apr2016 (in Dutch only).

Most popular children’s party is: knightly quest and dropping in the dunes/ GPS-hike (during day or in the dark). Do you want to know if a children’s party is suitable for your child? Click here for the CHECKLIST VOOR DE KEUZE VAN EEN PARTIJTJE (in Dutch only).

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4 – 8 year      8 – 12 year      11 – 13 year

For children 4 – 8 year:

– Nature quest: look for the ribbons and find your way in the dunes and do the quest! Pay attention and do some assignments, like looking for soil animals, play the predator-prey play, who sees a rabbit? And a lot more….

Knightly quest: look for the ribbons and find your way in the dunes and look for the treasure of the Knight of Brederode! You will do some ‘Medieval’ assignments, and at the end you will have to find the golden treasure all by yourself!

Searching for traces from the past: do you like (extinct) animals, get excited by searching for traces in the soil, like bones of animals, pottery shards and pipe heads? Book this party! Together with your friends you will do a scavenger hunt in the dunes and will look for traces from the past! Finds guaranteed 🙂

Beach party: combine some parts as you wish: treasure hunt, looking for shells, shrimp fishing and making piles of sand. For endless playing joy at the beach! I will accompany the children, while you can relax on the beach…

Dune clean up tour! Lots of children are shocked to see how much rubbish (plastic, bottles etc) people leave behind in the dunes. And they love to clean nature! Do you become one of the dune clean-up ‘members’? Pick up rubbish with your friends at the shores of lake Wed and see the world clean up! In the meantime we might spot rabbits or deer, who knows…  At the end there is a little present for all of you. The rangers of the National Park will be grateful… 

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For children 8 – 12 year:

GPS-assignments hike in nature: you will learn a lot about GPS and all it’s functions, you will do some different assignments with GPS. Meanwhile you enjoy walking in the dunes. Both in Kennemerduinen and in Amsterdam Watersupply Dunes. Including accompany and use of 2 GPS-devices.

Dropping in dunes, GPS-hike: you will find your way into the dunes all by yourself with help of GPS from start till end. It is allowed to leave the beaten track, so this will be exciting! Maybe we will encounter some fallowdeer, and more…. I will accompany you on this cool hike / dropping. At the end your parents will be waiting for you!  Including accompaniment and use of 2 GPS-devices. At several places along the Dutch coast: in the Amsterdam Watersupply Dunes, in Kennemerduinen and Middenduin, in the dunes near Hillegom, De Zilk and Noordwijkerhout (southern part of Amsterdam Watersupply Dunes) and also in The Hague! (Westduinpark).

Bunker hike in the dunes: find your own way with GPS to the bunkers in the dunes. Do you dare to enter them? How many are there? What was their function? Explore them all during this exciting bunker hike. You can also decide to play your own game there, for example in 2 teams. In Amsterdam Watersupply Dunes.

– Searching for traces from the past: do you like (extinct) animals, get excited by searching for traces in the soil, like bones of animals, pottery shards and pipe heads? Book this party! Together with your friends you will do a scavenger hunt in the dunes and will look for traces from the past! Finds guaranteed 🙂

Clean up heroes: do you hate rubbish in nature? Be active and do a nature clean-up tour together with your friends. Pick up all the rubbish you find. At the end there will be a delicious surprise for everyone. You can do this activity anywhere you like, so choose an area, e.g. Kennemerduinen, Haarlemmerhout, beach etc.

– Searching for aquatic fauna: are you interested in living nature, curious and not afraid of getting dirty and wet? Then I guess you will enjoy looking for animals in watersystems. With nets you can find out what is under the water surface: from algae  to larvae of dragonflies and maybe even small fishes! At the end we will release all catches back into the water. Fun and interesting. You can do this at several ditches and ponds, e.g. Waterleidingduinen, Spaarnwoude etc.

Beach party: see above. Children of 8-12 years still like to play on the beach!

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For children of 11 – 13 year: idea for an exciting party!

GPS-hike in the dark: Do you like an exciting hike in the dark? It is possible to do so in Spaarnwoude, in the dunes between Overveen and Zandvoort, and in the Westduinpark near The Hague. You will be ‘dropped’ somewhere out there (at the starting point), and you will have to find your way back all by yourself and your friends. I will accompany you; of course your parents don’t join us. What will we see and encounter? If you like we can do some assignments or listen to a exciting story on a nice spot, watching the stars, or combined with an evening picknick. For adventurous and cool adolescents who want to do something else on their birthday party! At the end your parents will pick you up. If you like we can combine it with a small campfire at the end (NB. extra costs and not possible at all hikes). You can also combine this hike afterwards with a sleeping party at your home!

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How does it work?

For all hikes applies: it takes 2 hours (sometimes a little more); maximum of 12 children (in some cases this could be more, but only in contact). Date, starting time and place to start to be determined together with you. Depending on age of the children parents join with zero, one or two adults. I will always accompany the group, and the group will stay together. All childen on the hike are insured for injuries. NB. I am experienced in dealing with children with autistic features, please discuss the possibilities with me. Ask non-commital more information. Catering: if you want you can book a picknick in the field (I will cater), or give some food to all the children by yourself, or you can organize something to eat in a neighbouring restaurant as to conclude the children’s party, for example with pancakes.


All hikes in Zuid-Kennemerland: € 149,- incl. BTW for a group up till and including 8 children, duration 2 hours. More than 8 children? Then there will be extra costs of € 10 per child. Picknick: € 5 per child. Mini campfire to conclude the hike in Middenduin: € 30,- extra. Hike in The Hague? Then I have to charge € 50,- extra for costs and time for transport.


Children who join me are insured to injuries. Nevertheless I would like it that parents join me (especially with younger children), so there will be ‘more eyes’ and so we can jointly decide what is OK for the children.
High risk activitities (like campfire and climbing trees) only in consultancy with you as parents. Older children like it when you will not join us! Everything to be decided by both of us, what is the best for your child!
In case of bad weather or unforseen odds you are allowed to cancel the activity without costs, or you can postpone it. When you cancel, you are responsible for an alternative yourself.
Just in case I become ill or other unforseen odds, I will try my best to find someone for replacement. If I don’t succeed, the hike will be cancelled.


Bomen klimmen!Climbing trees: very popular at all hikes and children’s party s!



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Hiking: Exploring dunes on foot is the best way to experience the sandy Dutch coast or as we say: the Dutch dunes. The best area to go hiking: Amsterdam Watersupply Dunes (AWD). Enjoy magnificent views, feel the wind blow, spot wild deer and watch some tiny colourful wild plants flower. HOW TO GET THERE: You can go on your own hike by taking bus 80 from Amsterdam to Zandvoort (busstop Waterleidingduinen), or make a good walk on paths in National Park Zuid-Kennemerland. Start your walk at the train station of Overveen, and walk to the dunes (about 15 minutes to get there). Download and print my FREE MAP with travel directions for bike and hike from Overveen to dunes.

All possibilities to get to the dunes by public transport you can find here (at bottom of page).

Do you prefer a GUIDED HIKING TOUR in the AWD dunes with an experienced guide? I love to go there with you! I know this area for a long time and can tell you all about it’s history, it’s function as a drinkingwater catchment area, it’s natural values, it’s wild plants and animals. Explore this vast and diverse nature reserve during a two hours guided hiking tour with a group up till 15 people: € 149,- or during a whole day’s hike (good shoes and good condition required!): € 299,-. Send me your wishes and we will make a nice plan! You can book me here! Or do you prefer guided biking? I love to show you around in this splendid area and tell you more about it!


...with far views over land and sea....

Hiking in AWD yields far views over land and sea….

Ecological consultancy

Antje Ehrenburg: ecological consultancy: for all your research, advice, education and editing

Antje Ehrenburg is a consultancy in ecology. I’d like to help you with:

Because of my long experience in ecological consultancy I guarantee good quality of my ecological research advice and education, and my ecological consultancy products. Both for business and private principles. Answering your questions about nature is my goal, ranging from a substantive report to a children’s party in the dunes. Please do inquire non-committal about the possibilities of my consultancy. If necessary I cooperate with other professionals.

Do you want a hike in the dunes? Do book a children’s party or customized excursion for adults – biking or hiking – for everyone. My motto is: enjoying and experiencing nature by going outside together! Now with business liability insurance, so you can book me without any worry! Now also children’s parties about history and findings in the soil, also in the dunes of The Hague! And the newest activities: nature – beach cleanup tours and looking for aquatic fauna. Read more.



Do you need good information about nature? Do you need a quick scan, ecological research before starting a project, or a survey? With my ecological consultancy I can answer your questions about nature.

My consultancy is also about nature management advice

Do you want an outing out in the nature? Are you looking for a GPS-tour or excursion, for your children or for yourself? Do you need a special lesson about nature or environment in school? I can offer you all sorts of tours and lessons. Customized offers guarantee a succesful hike, children’s party or nature lesson.

Out into nature!

Exploring dunes

WHY? Do you stay in Amsterdam or Haarlem and do you want to go exploring the Dutch sandy coast? Want to see more than museums and coffeeshops? Fed up with the crowds and touristic sites? Then come to the Dutch coast! It is not only famous for it’s beaches, but also for it’s dunes. Visiting and exploring dunes will challange your body and relax your mind. You will be astonished that our small and overcrowded country has still so much wild nature!!

WHERE? You can go to National Park Zuid-Kennemerland (NPZK) or also sometimes – somewhat confusing – called the “Amsterdam Dunes”. It is situated some 20 kilometers west of Amsterdam, so easy to reach by train, bus or car. Make a bike tour around the dunes, or make a day’s hike in the Amsterdam Watersupply Dunes (AWD). In these dunes – south of Zandvoort – the drinking water for Amsterdam is produced, and it is also a vast nature reserve, where biking is prohibited and which is open for walkers only.

On the maps below you can find the location of both National Park Zuid-Kennemerland and Amsterdam Watersupply Dunes related to Amsterdam, the (main)entrances to enter the dunes, and the places (red underlined) with a trainstation from where you can reach the dunes. See also biking for a FREE MAP to bike from Haarlem to the dunes.

The Dutch coast is situated only 20 kilometers from Amsterdam!

Exploring dunes is easy: the Dutch coast is situated only 20 kilometers from Amsterdam!


Entrances to National Park (black stars) and Amsterdam Watersupply Dunes (blue stars) related to places with trainstation (red lines). Mainentrances most easy to get from Amsterdam: yellow circle.

Want to go exploring dunes? Getting there by public transport

National Park Zuid-Kennemerland:

Amsterdam Watersupply Dunes:

  • take bus 80 from Amsterdam Elandsgracht to Zandvoort, busstop ‘Waterleidingduinen’ (mainentrance)
  • take train to Heemstede-Aerdenhout and take bus 9 to Hillegom, busstop ‘Waterleiding’ (entrance Oase) or busstop ‘Bekslaan’ and walk for about 1 kilometer (entrance Panneland)
  • take train to Zandvoort and walk about 1 kilometer south through the town to small entrance at Brederodestraat

Biking: all possibilities if you want to go for a day biking at the coast

Hiking: all possibilities if you want to go for a day’s hike at the coast


Biking in the Dutch dunes


...with far views over land and sea....

Hiking in AWD yields far views over land and sea….