Exploring dunes

WHY? Do you stay in Amsterdam or Haarlem and do you want to go exploring the Dutch sandy coast? Want to see more than museums and coffeeshops? Fed up with the crowds and touristic sites? Then come to the Dutch coast! It is not only famous for it’s beaches, but also for it’s dunes. Visiting and exploring dunes will challange your body and relax your mind. You will be astonished that our small and overcrowded country has still so much wild nature!!

WHERE? You can go to National Park Zuid-Kennemerland (NPZK) or also sometimes – somewhat confusing – called the “Amsterdam Dunes”. It is situated some 20 kilometers west of Amsterdam, so easy to reach by train, bus or car. Make a bike tour around the dunes, or make a day’s hike in the Amsterdam Watersupply Dunes (AWD). In these dunes – south of Zandvoort – the drinking water for Amsterdam is produced, and it is also a vast nature reserve, where biking is prohibited and which is open for walkers only.

On the maps below you can find the location of both National Park Zuid-Kennemerland and Amsterdam Watersupply Dunes related to Amsterdam, the (main)entrances to enter the dunes, and the places (red underlined) with a trainstation from where you can reach the dunes. See also biking for a FREE MAP to bike from Haarlem to the dunes.

The Dutch coast is situated only 20 kilometers from Amsterdam!

Exploring dunes is easy: the Dutch coast is situated only 20 kilometers from Amsterdam!


Entrances to National Park (black stars) and Amsterdam Watersupply Dunes (blue stars) related to places with trainstation (red lines). Mainentrances most easy to get from Amsterdam: yellow circle.

Want to go exploring dunes? Getting there by public transport

National Park Zuid-Kennemerland:

Amsterdam Watersupply Dunes:

  • take bus 80 from Amsterdam Elandsgracht to Zandvoort, busstop ‘Waterleidingduinen’ (mainentrance)
  • take train to Heemstede-Aerdenhout and take bus 9 to Hillegom, busstop ‘Waterleiding’ (entrance Oase) or busstop ‘Bekslaan’ and walk for about 1 kilometer (entrance Panneland)
  • take train to Zandvoort and walk about 1 kilometer south through the town to small entrance at Brederodestraat

Biking: all possibilities if you want to go for a day biking at the coast

Hiking: all possibilities if you want to go for a day’s hike at the coast


Biking in the Dutch dunes


...with far views over land and sea....

Hiking in AWD yields far views over land and sea….