Do you need consultancy about nature or ecology? You don’t know if there are any protected species to take into account? Maybe you need a quick scan, global research or detailed information before starting a project?  A survey? A practical advice about nature management (grazing, vegetation management, invasive species) or a management plan?

My consultancy can offer it all. I will answer your questions about nature, law, protected species and more. You can find some of my reports under Projects (in Dutch).


Sea buckthorn, a typical shrub of calcareous dunes along the Dutch coast

Antje Ehrenburg, ecological research, advice and education

Antje Ehrenburg is a consultancy in ecology. I’d like to help you with:

  • ecological research
  • advice on nature management
  • advice on texts and communication
  • children’s parties out in the nature
  • outings and excursions in the dunes
  • education: nature lessons for schools and after school care

Because of my long experience in ecology I guarantee good quality of my ecological research advice and education, and my consultancy products. Both for business and private principles. Answering your questions about nature is my goal, ranging from a substantive report to a children’s party in the dunes. Please do inquire non-committal about the possibilities of my consultancy. If necessary I cooperate with other professionals.

Do you want a hike in the dunes? Do book a children’s party or customized excursion, both for young and elderly people. My motto is: enjoying and experiencing outside in nature together! Now with business liability insurance, so you can book me without any worry!



Do you need good information about nature? Do you need a quick scan, ecological research before starting a project, a practical advice about nature management or a survey? I can offer it and answer your questions about nature. Do you want an outing out in the nature? Are you looking for a GPS-tour or excursion, for your children or for yourself? Do you need somebody to give a special lesson about nature or environment in school? I can offer you all sorts of tours and lessons: exciting, near or far away. Customized offers guarantee a succesful hike, children’s party or nature lesson.