Do you need consultancy about nature or ecology? You don’t know if there are any protected species to take into account? Maybe you need a quick scan, global research or detailed information before starting a project?  A survey? A practical advice about nature management (grazing, vegetation management, invasive species) or a management plan?

My consultancy can offer it all. I will answer your questions about nature, law, protected species and more. You can find some of my reports under Projects (in Dutch).


Sea buckthorn, a typical shrub of calcareous dunes along the Dutch coast

Who am I?

Who is Antje Ehrenburg?
I am born and raised in Friesland (1962) in the north of The Netherlands, and I am living in Haarlem since 1988. I did an applied study in population biology (ecology) at the Agricultural University in Wageningen (1980-1988) with grades in vegetation ecology, soil science, environmental sciences and license to teach biology on the highest level (first grade). After my studies I have worked as an ecologist / researcher / advicer / text editor at ‘Gemeentewaterleidingen Amsterdam’, the drinking water company of the city of Amsterdam, now called Waternet (1988-2011). I did research in the dunes, adviced about nature management, guided volunteers in monitoring and did the editing of a newsletter about nature. The Amsterdam Watersupply Dunes were – and still are – my field of work. In 2011 I started my own consultancy in ecological research and monitoring. My academic background and years of experience formed me to the versatile ecologist I am now.

I am practical, positive critical, enthousiastic, listening, directed to solutions, linking, targeted, and always keeping in mind: man, proces and language.

How I judge nature? Nature is green, blue, red and yellow, just like my logo. Dry, wet, complex, resilient and never the same. Nature is also magnificent, intriging, rare, difficult or expensive. In any case less simple than it seems. Nature does not reveal it’s secrets all at once. Nature also has a lot of interfaces with legal frameworks and society. That’s why you should take nature into account. If you want, I can entangle your case for you. Another possibility: just enjoying nature by going outside!

I am working as tourleader for SNP Natuurreizen (walking holidays with groups) in Europe since many years. I am also editing the nature magazines ‘DUIN’, ‘Fitis’ and ‘Tussen Duin en Dijk’. In 2003 I started the Historical Society Amsterdam Watersupply Dunes. In my freetime I like to roam into the dunes. On LinkedIn you can read more about all my activities.

Besides all this I love choral singing and organizing. If you like, you can ask me for organizing choir projects and tailor-made choir tours in The Netherlands and abroad. Take a look on

I am mother of 2 sons (1994, 1998).

You can reach me on: info ed or on my mobile phone tel. +31-653361478 or via contact page.

When necessary I cooperate with other people, Ecokids and Natuur is een feest.

Antje Ehrenburg, ecological research, advice and education

Antje Ehrenburg is a consultancy in ecology. I’d like to help you with:

  • ecological research
  • advice on nature management
  • advice on texts and communication
  • children’s parties out in the nature
  • outings and excursions in the dunes
  • education: nature lessons for schools and after school care

Because of my long experience in ecology I guarantee good quality of my ecological research advice and education, and my consultancy products. Both for business and private principles. Answering your questions about nature is my goal, ranging from a substantive report to a children’s party in the dunes. Please do inquire non-committal about the possibilities of my consultancy. If necessary I cooperate with other professionals.

Do you want a hike in the dunes? Do book a children’s party or customized excursion, both for young and elderly people. My motto is: enjoying and experiencing outside in nature together! Now with business liability insurance, so you can book me without any worry!



Do you need good information about nature? Do you need a quick scan, ecological research before starting a project, a practical advice about nature management or a survey? I can offer it and answer your questions about nature. Do you want an outing out in the nature? Are you looking for a GPS-tour or excursion, for your children or for yourself? Do you need somebody to give a special lesson about nature or environment in school? I can offer you all sorts of tours and lessons: exciting, near or far away. Customized offers guarantee a succesful hike, children’s party or nature lesson.